About The Company

Annant Enersol, established in year 2014, is a part of Contrive Group (an ISO 9001:2008 certified company), one of the leading industrial automation and energy efficient solutions provider in the state of Rajasthan. Since year 2001, Contrive is providing 24X7 services to all type of process plants and original equipment manufactures, such as cement, power, mining & minerals, textile and many more.

On the experience of the parent company, Annant Enersol is deploying innovative strategies, systems and technologies to revolutionize LED based lighting, solar power and energy conservation.

Lighting alone in India consumes ~ 20% of the total power generated. As per one study, energy saving of 1 MW is equivalent to 2 MW generated. This shows that the efficient utilization of energy is a smart and intelligent way to solve energy problem. Therefore, changes in the energy consumption patterns and conservation of energy can leads to the win-win situation for everyone.

At Annant Enersol, we provide custom built clean and green energy efficient solutions to customer. We provide following one-stop-shop solutions and system integration options:

  • LED lights
  • Solar rooftop systems (on & off grid)
  • Energy efficient solar water pumping/ irrigation systems
  • Complete solar LED lighting system (home, street & garden lights) that includes solar panel, LED light, charge controller, dusk-to-dawn option, pole, battery & battery enclosure
  • Complete electrical & lighting design of a building
  • Design and manufacture electrical panels like: PCC, JB, AMF, APFC, etc...

About Directors

Rajnish S. Chauhan, (Managing Director)

Mr. Rajnish co-founded the parent company "Contrive" shortly after graduating from the College. As a Managing Director of Contrive, he manages everything the company does. This includes day-to-day business, the staff, the customers, company’s finance, growth, and the overall corporate governance of the organization. Under his leadership, company grew significantly and established itself as one of the best system integrator, designer and service provider for automation and process industries. He holds a degree in Industrial Electronics Engineering.

Manish Chauhan, Director (Business Development)

Dr. Manish joined Contrive in 2008 as a Business Development Director. He oversees promotion and growth of the company globally. Besides, he is also responsible for the Solar Power and Energy Efficient divisions of Contrive. His expertise lies in developing new technologies/ products and taking that to market. He holds Master’s and Bachelor’s degree from IIT Bombay and Doctorate from University of California, USA in Materials Science and Engineering.